Waterworks District No 3 - September 02, 2016

Please be advised that the Boil Advisory for Area B of Waterworks District No 3 has been lifted. ... [more...]

Boil Advisory Lifted - August 31, 2016

Good afternoon everyone. The "Boil Advisory" has been lifted for customers served by the Town of ... [more...]

Water Update - August 29, 2016

Water Update.....The pressure is approximately at 48% and we need to be around 56%. It is cli... [more...]

Water Update - August 27, 2016

Water Update.......There was a delay in getting the water tower filled beginning yesterday af... [more...]

Water Update - August 26, 2016

The following is for all Town of Port Barre and Waterworks District No. 3 Customers: Good aftern... [more...]

BOIL ADVISORY - August 23, 2016

Please pass on the word to family and friends that do not access to the internet or FB. Also, aga... [more...]

BOIL ADVISORY - August 23, 2016

ALERT........Because of a loss in pressure at the water well due to the repairs, unfortunately, t... [more...]

Update on Ground Storage Tank Repairs - August 23, 2016

Good afternoon everyone. This message is for ALL Town of Port Barre water customers and customers... [more...]

Boil Advisory Lifted - August 20, 2016

The Boil Advisory has been lifted!!! [more...]

Water Turn Off & Boil Advisory - August 17, 2016

Please be advised that tomorrow morning, August 18, 2016, possibly as early as 8:00 am, the Town ... [more...]

Flooding Announcement - August 15, 2016

Good Monday afternoon everyone. Please continue in prayer for everyone affected by the flooding. ... [more...]

Curfew - August 14, 2016

The 7 pm curfew set yesterday remains in effect until further notice. Water is still rising and w... [more...]

Town of Port Barre Curfew - August 13, 2016

Mayor Savoy has set a curfew for the residents in the Town of Port Barre for 7 pm this evening un... [more...]

Sand Bags - August 13, 2016

URGENT MESSAGE......the Town will be handing out sandbags in Veteran's Memorial Park to those... [more...]

Sandbags - August 12, 2016

St. Landry Parish Sandbag Operations: St. Landry Parish Government began issuing sandbags for pa... [more...]

Boil Advisory Lifted - August 10, 2016

Boil Advisory has been lifted!!!  Water samples cleared from DHH. [more...]

Boil Advisory - August 09, 2016

BOIL ADVISORY TOWN OF PORT BARRE PWS ID# 1097013 AUGUST 9, 2016 For Immediate Release to Water... [more...]

Water Turn Off - August 09, 2016

Please be advised that at 10 or 10:15 this morning, August 9, 2016, the Town will be replacing a ... [more...]

Town of Port Barre & Waterworks District No. 3 Customers - August 02, 2016

In approximately 1 to 2 weeks, you will begin to notice a change in your water.  This change is ... [more...]

Boil Advisory LIfted - July 28, 2016

The Louisiana Dept. of Health and Hospitals has lifted the boil advisory for the Town of Port Bar... [more...]

Town of Port Barre Launches a New Website! Subscribe Today! - May 16, 2016

Town of Port Barre is proud to announce the launch of our new website. Subscribe to our site and... [more...]